Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Contributing to IBM developerWorks

1. Submit content:
https://www-128.ibm.com/developerworks/secure/myideas.jsp?start=true&domain= ]

2. For Grid Computing:

Grid computing
The Grid computing content area is looking for articles, tools, code, and tutorials to help developers learn about grid computing and the developing grid open standards. We welcome content proposals about topics like these:
OGSA and grid standards
Grid and Web services
Service-oriented architectures
Grid architecture and component models
Developing grid applications
Scheduling and workload management
Sample models and code, solutions, lessons learned
Technology rather than specific products
You can go ahead and
submit your content idea-or-Questions? [ https://www-128.ibm.com/developerworks/secure/myideas.jsp?start=true&domain=developerworks ] Contact the Grid content editor [ mailto:mccommon@us.ibm.com ].

3. Autonomic computing
The Autonomic computing content area needs articles, tools, code, and tutorials to help developers learn about autonomic computing and the Autonomic Computing Toolkit. We would especially like content proposals on these topics such as the following:
Articles that show an innovative use of autonomic technology or combining autonomic technologies - something that is not evident from reading the Users' Guide. In particular, creative ways of using components from the Autonomic Computing Toolkit
Step-by-step scenarios that describe how you implemented an autonomic manager to solve a particular problem in your environment
Guidelines for how to target a specific process in your IT services that needs autonomic technology and the steps for implementing a solution
Examples of non-trivial use of IBM products with autonomic features that make a system more self-healing, self-configuring, self-optimizing, or self-protecting
You can go ahead and submit your content idea-or-Questions? Contact the Autonomic computing content editor.

4. SOA and Web services
The developerWorks Web services content area publishes content on open technology Web services standards, implementations, and software. We seek high-quality, well-written articles for all levels of technical expertise so that we can continue to deliver award-winning content. Our primary focus is on J2EE based Web services, and Service-oriented architecture design and implementation. We're looking for technical overview or how-to articles and tutorials to share with our readers, unique perspectives and interesting ideas to further the development of this exciting new technology.
Workflow, Business Processes
Mobile applications, Remoting, Asynchronous operations
Performance measurement, Usage Metering and Service Level Agreements
Directory services
Security - Message delivery
Security - Authentication and Authorization
Software reuse
You can go ahead and submit your content idea-or-Questions? Contact the SOA and Web services content editor.


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