Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Cathedral -- short movie winner in SIGGRAPH 2006

The movie is available here [ http://www.platige.com/index.php?tu=27&lng=en ]; it has roughly 7 minutes of highly-detailed animation.
Synopis:Story of a pilgrim who come to the Cathedral on the border of the known world. He wants to find the answers. He finds calmness.
The movie is inspired by the book 'Cathedral' by Jacek Dukaj, Polish science-fiction writer [ http://dukaj.fantastyka.art.pl/utwory/TheCathedral.html ].
Here is an interview with the author of the movie, Tomek BagiƱski [ http://www.maxunderground.com/articles/2003/tbaginski_interview.html ]



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